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My Recent Projects

Hard Working

I try to do my best always in any kind of task. Expertise is just about repeating over and over again something until it is mastered.


I consider myself very flexible and adaptable to any taks, knowledge or technology. Knowledge is a a tulle waiting to be uncovered.

Desire to learn

Maybe some say we research about things. I prefer to see it as we solve problems that have no solution yet. This tend to a learning process.


When you bull-fight, you do not bull-fight where you get clapped, but where you get booed. Respect is earned, never bought.


Cities Timanfaya

This is ARES platform. I worked in this project for almost 2 years and I was very satisfied with the work done. Furthermore, I am expecting in a near future for a continuation of theses research lines in this kind of platforms.

CITIES Timanfaya is a revolutionary project based on a technological demonstrator. It entails a full state of the Art revision and technological presentation of what intelligent and autonomous system can achive in rural areas and hard terrains.



This is the iCab platform and there are two twins. The iCab was used by several student and PhDs to learn how to face perception and autonomous driving scenarios. Now, I continue the tradition.

This project is a part of a bigger project called Polirural. It has a similar pourpose as in CITIES Timanfaya for it is a kind of Technology demostrator in order to assist and improve the comunication in rural areas. In this particular case the deployment enviroment will be at the Archeological park at Segóbriga.



This is my most recent project in which I will develop most of my PhD. The title is just and acronym for Distributed decision support system for cooperative connected and autonomous driving in complex environments.

The CCAD project proposes to make contributions in the interaction between vehicles and road infrastructure. Since current experiences in autonomous vehicles are subject to very frequent limitations of perception, decision and performance in complex scenarios such as roundabouts, intersections or highways, the approach is to solve them through cooperative connected driving.